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Nazarites - Album review

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Chaotic Resemblance

Ever since we learned of CR’s upcoming full length new album a few months ago, the anticipation has been palpable. The album had so much to live up to given the fact the two of the songs , Fairest Jesus and Unto the Lamb have been previously released as singles that raised the bar, let’s just say…. rather high. I will admit right off the bat that I found myself a bit disappointed in the whole of the album being that it had only 10 songs. We were really hoping for an album with around 87 songs or so. I guess that’s why they call it a “wish list”, huh?

Nazarites wastes no time with unparalleled ferocity of faith that will shake the “slow-walk” Christians right out of their orthopedic New Balance shoes and compel them into a dead sprint to hit the Mosh-Pit of Deliverance. BTW - that is the area in front of the pulpit in the church in my mind. Wrath of the Lamb literally kicks this album into high gear instantly with a call to repentance over resistance. To say this song travels down an aggressive road of metal, would be a huge understatement. It’s 4:47 of a cheetah on a 12 hour Red Bull binge driving a Ferrari down a mountain with no brakes... now that's a fun ride.

Just when you think you can take a breath and lower your heart rate to a normal state, let’s go ahead smack you over the head with some southern metal with Driven and then keep it going with their next single release Passover Prophecy. This is a soooo good!!! It will be spinning often.

This album just keeps hitting over and over again and doesn’t let up -( which is why 87 songs would have been awesome) The Nazarite gave me chills as they sing “they ripped the beard from Adonai” and proudly proclaim “we won’t recant and will not compromise”! That’s motivation! Just when I felt I needed a bit of rest from this Chaotic ride (see what I did there) Hosanna punches you in the gut with the true reason why we all do what we do for The Kingdom. What a beautiful homage to our King. Oh, and by the way, it was probably because I was tired and vulnerable that a tear escaped my ducts while Hosanna was playing. The album finishes up with a couple of familiar favorites in Fairest Jesus (one of our all time fave songs) and Unto the Lamb (another one) that sandwiches Surrender. Don’t sleep on this track.. It is simply KILLER! “Nobody else can wear his crown….- salvation is near!” YES!!

While it may be easy to get caught up in the ridiculous musicality of Chaotic Resemblance, it’s the message and the ministry that is so powerful throughout the Nazarites album. This entire album, not only is a powerful tribute to The One True King, but I feel this will transcend the prism of a Christian band releasing a Christian album for Christians. This album is one that you can share with your non-believing friends who will appreciate the musical talent of James, Logan, and Travis, and utilize the message on every track as another very powerful tool in your toolbox to reach the lost. That’s what it’s all about right?

These guys, this album, and this ministry has a “no-holds barred” mentality when it comes to spreading the word of God, that it makes a person want to stand up and shout …”Tag me in… I’m good to go”!

Go out and buy this album, I guarantee you will not be disappointed but you will be blessed.. Mind you, that my guarantee does not include a monetary refund of any kind, but I could probably point you in the direction of a good counselor.. Actually he is The Wonderful Counselor, so hit me up if needed.

God Bless and not sure that they copyrighted this saying so… JESUS IS KING!

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