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People to follow

Just a small sampling of people / ministries that we love


John Cooper is a wise man in weird world.  His take on current events rivals anyone else out there on social media or in the lamestream media.  His full length podcast are great for that long commute and his 10-minute talks are perfect for when your just putzing around.  Do yourself a favor and get into COOPER STUFF!!

7th day slumber.jpg

If you have listen to this station at all, you knew these guys were gonna make the list of my  "most followed".  I love on these guys a ton during our live broadcasts and they give me great material for our talk segments.  Joseph is one of the most honest, unapologetic, and unashamed artists that I have ever know.  His social media posts are spot on and his live spots are exactly on!  He takes a lot of heat from "christians" ( lower case / and parentheses intended) for his views on the world today, but he does not back down.  He reminds me of a modern day social media Levite if there is such a thing.  Get a some encouragement and enjoy the occasional firework show that are his posts.  I will keep commenting on his posts on my shows and will definitely  throw my support behind SDS!
God Bless you brothers!


If you delve into the word but you need a guide, then Flame might be the resource you've been looking for.  He is a theological giant that not only understands the teachings but can teach them as well.  There is no-spin coming out of his corner, just honest discernment that is greatly needed in the current world we live in.  If I don't catch at least one of his videos every couple days, I find my self "missing" something.  Love ya brother!


If you can only listen to one person during the day, make it Alisa.  After going through a period of self doubt and reflection, she turned that into a journey of intellectual informed faith (her words, not mine) which is something we all need help with from time to time.  She is one of those "big brain" theologians that I love to soak up their take.  Absolutely worth your time!

the whosoevers.jfif

Sonny Sandoval, Lacey Sturm, Brian "Head" Welch, Ryan Ries.  Need I say more.. Well yes I will.  The Whosoevers are an unbelievable ministry focusing on leading today's youth to Christ.  Their Kill the Noise Tours have such a positive and lasting impact on the kids that need it most.  One of the many things I love about them is how they basically head to school, set up a skate park, and talk Jesus.  They will minister, pray and give hope to many who have lost their way or may have never known the way to begin with.  Total dedication, total commitment, and completely unafraid to share the gospel.  That's a great ministry!  Plus if my  my "biker" clothes are not Radio13.FM gear,  it's definitely The Whosoevers.  Either way, wear it proudly!


The vision of Self-Evident is to see ALL citizens become a productive member of The United States of America, to understand the founding documents and to realize that GOD gave us rights along with the morality to keep those rights.

To bring the truth of the constitution to Americans by way of workshops, speaking events and unique curriculum. To educate all Americans on what their constitutional rights and freedoms are and to connect those rights to the freedom that can only be found in a relationship with God.

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