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Behold the Beloved

The latest offering from Manheim, PA’s quintuple rockers, Behold the Beloved is their full length album No Surrender. As the title indicates, BTB brings every song as an anthem to The Kingdom with the common theme of even though the enemy will keep coming at us, surrender is not an option. There is hope in whatever we are going through and the one and only King will be there for us.

A few of the tracks have been previously released as singles, which for me, increased the anticipation of this album. It was a great move to include Come Alive (can’t go wrong with Kevin Young) and Playing with Fire along with Clenched fists. Even though I may have been late to the BTB party, these 3 songs are what got me really digging on them. Anticipation has been satisfied as I played the album in its entirety and then, not surprisingly, came across some tracks that totally blew me away.

The song Trenches comes in as the title song in proxy of the album stating that No Surrender is the stand we must take when the enemy is coming at you in multiple directions. I love Seth Green’s delivery as he showcases his range in this battle song that gives us hope and the promise that Jesus will have our back in every fight we are engaged in. The song hits on all cylinders as it continues to build to a triumphant conclusion that Jesus will be faithful in the trenches and that surrendering is not even as much as a fleeting thought. The rest of the album hits hard in the way you would expect from a 5-piece band. Along with Green, Jeff Lehman and Jason Stauffer team up on guitar, Tim Kitchen on bass and Sheldon Stauffer kicks it on the “set” to give the listener that complete sound.

While the music being played has a great killer rock sound, in my very humble opinion, (possibly ignorant opinion) the strength of this album is the lyrical content. Every song conveys an unashamed and unapologetic love that these five guys have for Jesus and the strength of their ministry. Their love for God is abundantly clear when you listen and actually feel the passion that is in the song Rescue Me. We all get stranded in the chaos at times, but God’s love will pull us out and rescue us if we just let him. Yeah, gave me a few chills the first time I heard that song because of the power behind the lyrics. As the album finishes up with a rocker of a song Tremble, that recognizes the power and strength of Jesus, I found myself slightly torn. On the one hand, the album was over, but on the other hand, I was excited to start it over from the beginning which ended up being many subsequent play-throughs. If you are looking for a great album that glorifies God on every track, you absolutely need to check out Behold the Beloved’s No Surrender.

Do what we do…Don’t just stream it…help out this incredible band and buy it! You will not be disappointed.

God Bless


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