Fearless EP - Full Review

Updated: Jul 6

Jodi Essex

One Word

Is it linguistically correct to start out a story, paragraph, or in this case an album review with one simple word? If not, I guess language etiquette will be cast asunder as I begin this review with an emphatic…..

WOW! Being that Jodi is a self-proclaimed baseball fan, I was going to quote the Windy City’s very own Harry Carey and drop a classical “ Holy Cow!” but that’s two words and I didn’t want to change my opening sentence.

The Ranch

What do you do when you want to make a killer album? You head to the infamous Ranch of course, and team up with none other than Josiah Prince (of Disciple). Side note: I think someday soon, when Disciple introduces the band it will be “and on guitar is Josiah Prince of The Ranch…. Just saying. Okay, back to the business at hand. The cohesiveness and bond between these two artists is glaringly evident from the first cut of the EP. According to Jodi, Josiah brought his “forever rocker” style into the duo that meshed perfectly with the vision she had for her music. With the addition of his intuition and his rock roots, not to mention his producer “secret sauce” (apparently that’s an industry term) they created quite the artful mosaic of tunes.