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Band, bands and more bands

These are just a few of the bands that we play on Radio13.FM  This list will continue to grow as we continue to bring you some of the greatest indie and national bands in Christian Music today.

Aaron Michaels.jpg

What can be said of this guy?  A lot actually.  The man's heart for reaching the lost for the Kingdom is something to be witnessed.  A little example of his commitment to the King and to his ministry.  As a fellow biker, I know how important a motorcycle is to a biker. This man sold his Victory motorcycle to futher the Victory of the Kingdom.  If that's not a passion for Christ, then I need a new definition of passion.  Truly a man of God and Ministry this is an artist that you need to be engaged in.

download (1).jfif

One of our very favorite artists.  Adelaide's heart for the Kingdom will come right through your screen and you will be blessed!

From her website:


Adelaide's primary focus is sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ through profound yet relatable lyrics and music. She is quickly gaining international attention through airplay and live performances. Adelaide released the first album “The Bigger Picture” in the summer of 2015. 

amaongst the giants.jfif

2018 saw the release of this bands first album with Rockfest Records and it rocks!  These guys know how to bring it and will be in the regular rotation for quite sometime


ASAP Preach

What good comes out of Abilene Texas?  Well I would imagine a lot of good things but one of the best would be Ian Barnett better know as his artist name ASAP Preach.  This man is so incredibly talented and if you are looking for an artist that doesn't "walk that line" between the world and God, this is the one.  Unapologetic, unashamed and boldly walking the road that should be a shining example to all of us with our walk with the Creator.  My favorite artists are the ones that take out any question on the whole "are they a Christian artist".  Spend 37 seconds listening to any one of his songs and the answer is an unequivocally YES!  I can listen to his entire library and start it over again just because I dig on him that much.
I am thinking this man of God will continue his fight to build The Kingdom one lost soul at a time.

behold the beloved.jpg

This 5 piece band out of Manheim PA is the epitome of a rock band with a purpose.  They have all of the right elements with superior vocals, and a sound that reminds the listener (us) that we really don't have much musical talent but in a really good way!  The name comes from Matthew 3:16-17 when Jesus was baptized.  They NEED to be in your regular rotation of music.  They are definitely in ours.

From their bio:

“We are not here for fame and fortune, we are only here to share the abilities God has given to us and share them with everyone to enjoy and to be encouraged”. “In trusting in God to take care of our needs to keep us moving forward”.

chaotic res.jpg

Chaotic Resemblance

Throw back 80s hair band?  I think not!  These guys will melt your your face with scorching guitar riffs, bleed your ears with machine gun drum lines, and pierce your heart with spot on vocals.  They bring the metal to you hard and fast and they don't stop.  When it's time to melt your heart, they will drop a power ballad on you like Jesus is King that will shake you to your toes and lift your spirit.   One of the things I love most about this band is the unwavering and unapologetic stance they take in promoting the one and only King,  If you're not digging on these guys, I'm not sure we can be friends.  Keep the fire burning bright CR and the new album is stupid good!


Collision of Innocence

Fast becoming a force to be reckoned with in the Christian Rock Scene, Collision of Innocence is on a collision course with success.  They are tearing it up charts with good reason.  Their passion, their mission, and their ministry is so pure that it becomes infectious.  I really dig everything I have heard from them thus far and can't wait for more.  They will rock you out hard and then tear at your heartstrings with a power ballad like Sorrow's End.  Jump on board with these guys before the wagon gets too full.  Such a blessing!



A fast riser on the whole" you have got to know this band" list.  Love these guys and can't get enough of their brutal Christianity.   Lead singer Michael Felker could be one of my favorite people that I have had the pleasure to interview.  
They describe themselves better than I ever could so from their website:
Hailing from Fremont, OH, the four piece Christian metalcore act known as Convictions is starting to make an impact on the world. Dubbing themselves “Aggressive Worship,” the band is not your everyday Christian band. Setting out to write lyrical content based on their own “convictions,” the band covers topics that push the boundaries.
“We feel that, just because you are a Christian, doesn’t mean you are exempt from the struggles of this world.” With an infectious live show, one can never predict what will happen when seeing the band live. On stage and off, Convictions never fails to draw you in and capture your emotions.

demon hunter.jpg

Demon Hunter

The years have been good to these guys!  Coming up on 20 years strong and they still never cease to amaze me with their versatility and creativity.  The music is always so tight and Ryan Clark is always looking in new directions.  Their latest album Songs of Death and Resurrection showcases the expanse of their talent.  I just don't get tired of the originality of this band.

Disciple 2.jpg


Originally out of Knoxville Tennessee Disciple has been killin' it since 1992.  They will always hold a permanent "Top-5" spot on my list of favorite bands.  Over the years they, like many bands, have seen multiple line-up changes but a couple of things have always remained constant.  #1 - Kevin Young - He is one of the most phenomenal lead singers in rock music period.  His longevity is a testament to his drive to spread the word of God everywhere he goes which brings us to #2 - Their passion for God is unquestioned and they are completely unashamed.  They hold a special place in my heart mainly because they have multiple songs that I consider "my Faves" including my own personal theme song. Radical! Radio 13.FM owes his mission statement to Radical.  Mark 13:13 you will hated by all for My name's sake, but those who endure to the end will be saved.  Love you guys and can't wait for more great music from you

ffak 2.jpg

Fit for a King

Hailing out of Tyler, Texas these guys will bring it to your door!  Ryan Kirby can be found all over the place lending his voice to countless bands and side projects and with good reason.  This band never disappoints me album after album.  Their latest album The Path has all the markings of a classic and long lasting album.  Every song on it touches your soul while melting your face and bleeding your ears. (in a good way) It's hard to believe they have been around for so many years because everything they put out is so fresh.  Love you guys!


Oh boy... here comes the fanboy in me loud and proud!  This is not one of my favorite artists but also one of the people that I can't get enough of on his socials.  I the man got his doctorate in theology just so he could be called Dr. Flame, which is a killer name.  If you are not following this anointed man of God, you are doing the whole internet thing wrong!  He is a big-brain in theological terms that I personally have learned a ton.... and I'm not even Lutheran!  He is my theological sensei so if he tells me to "sweep the leg" of the enemy, I'm asking "how hard?"  A true Renaissance man.  Seriously, the dude even has a killer quote from Marin Luther on his website:  
“Next to the Word of God, the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world.”
Follow him.. NOW!
Martin Luther

gfm 2.jpg

The GFM Band

Beauty-Core?  Um yes please!  One of the bands we feature often on Radio13.FM comes out of the great state of Florida! Yes, I am a bit jealous over that fact.   What a talent!  I might even consider this genre Summer-core ( a bit poppy with songs like Taking Over and S.M.I.L.E.) until Maggie comes in and melts your face with a true core scream.  With C.J. tearing up the neck of her guitar and Lulu slamming the skins like someone who has been hitting it for years, these sisters have created their own unique genre which I cannot get enough of.  Let's go and keep cranking it out !  They can hold the stage with anyone and they never waiver from their true purpose.

Grace Vent.jpg

I believe we were the one of the first stations to debut Grace Vent's new music and I guarantee we won't be the last!  Their ministry and lyrics are so powerful you will be moved!

holy name.jpg

Fronted by Tommy Green, former lead singer for Sleeping Giant,  Holy Name may be a "side project for him, but here's hoping and praying for a long run .  TG (we got a good vibe so I can call him that, HA)  is such a tremendous man of God and does so much for the Kingdom.  He is heavily involved in the fight against human trafficking and if you can't get behind that, well we will NEVER hang out together.

Jenna Parr.jpg

I freely admit I'm a little late to the Jenna Parr Bandwagon but I am glad there is room for more.  You will be hearing a lot more from her in the very near future.  Don't be too late to the party.  Her passion for God is overwhelming evident and comes through her music and fills you up

Jodi-Essex fearless 2.jpg

Coming at you from Chi-town is Jodi Essex, who is fast becoming one of our favorite artists on Radio13.FM.  Anyone who is "Fearless" to "Offend" (see her discography) has our vote for one that we will stand shoulder to shoulder with in the fight for The Kingdom.  Jodi's rock vibe is something that you will gravitate to and her vocals are something you wish you could put in your pocket and carry around... Oh wait, you can do that on all streaming services and wherever you buy your music, so I guess your covered.  To say that she has garnered a lion share of airtime could be a huge understatement!  While I don't get into the "they sound like....fill in the blank.." statements, I will say that much like Adelaide, Jodi has definitely expanded our musical pallette.... and that is a GREAT thing

kidd lee 2.jpg

Kidd Lee

Not many artists climb into our favorite status faster than Kidd Lee has done.  Her heart for The Kingdom is so pure.  While she is still relatively new to the scene, they way she drops track after track is simply amazing.  We love Kidd Lee and would be fine with her dropping a track a week for let's say, oh, I don't know.... the next 7 years.


Lacey Sturm

If you have listened to this station at all, you know that Lacey is probably my favorite overall artist.  From the first time I heard her voice singing on Flyleaf's I'm So Sick, I was hooked.  Over the years watching her grow as an artist and in her faith has been a fantastic ride.  She is not only a phenomenal singer / songwriter, but she is also an incredible author.  Plus, she is one of the founding members of a ministry that I probably have way to much merch from The Whosoevers.  She is one that if you hear her in concert, be ready to be punched in the gut with her voice and her lyrics... and guys...don't be afraid if you shed a tear or two during her concert.  It happens to the best of us.  

Matt Sassano.jpg

Matt has quickly become one of our favorite artists.  His unique sound is difficult to drop into one particular genre with his mix of EDM and Rock.  Of course it doesn't hurt his cause by doing a collaboration with another one of our favorite artist, Zahna.

 His lyrics set him apart from most artists with gut wrenching honesty and passion.  Since becoming a solo act Matt has made such a tremendous impact on so many with his song Not My Name by calling out the stigma associated with rejection, bullying and name calling.  See this man for what he is, a true warrior for Christ that does not shy away from the tough issues.


According to their website Mawcore mission is to flood the world with hope driven fearless rock!  I couldn't agree more!  Mawcore  - which by the way sounds so cool in your head if you say it with a Monday Night Raw voice - taken from the Hebrew meaning Wellspring, will hit you in face with an unbelievable rock sound that will transport with a 90-ish sound and then throat punch you with faith driven lyrics.  This band has seen it's share of struggles and pain over the years but they just come back stronger and stronger.  Fighting for the King is their way of life!


They will not disappoint. The lyrics are so deep, the music is so tight, and their voices will hit you hard!  Whether it's the harmonies or the guttural screams, they'll get you! Love these guys


What can you say about these guys?  Timeless? Incredible? Original? Unashamed?  Yes, all of that and a whole lot more.  Over the years it's possible that I have more listening hours to this band than any other band and I'm not done yet!

Poetic Descent.jpg

Alternative Metal?  Yes please! Buckeye State?  I don't think so.  The way these guys come at you with the aggressive guitar riffs, the pounding machine gun drums, the mix of harmonic and dirty vocals and the incredibly deep lyrics of Shallow Graves should be enough to get Ohio to rethink their nickname and rename it to the Descent State.  Besides, it would look better on their license plates.
Can't wait for more music to drop from this ridiculously talented band

Nate Parrish_edited.jpg

Nate Parrish has reignited my love for some good punk music.  I used to really dig on punk, well at least punk-core, but kind of fell out of it over the years.  Nate has brought not only the sound but the "punk" attitude to his music and to us as well.  Punk is not just a genre, but a mindset and Nate nails it!  Lyrically, Nate embodies the "question everything about society" and brings a refreshing point of view that the church of today so desperately needs.  Keep fighting The Man Nate, no matter where he is.  We got your back brother.  As a bonus... check out the flowing locks!! As a foliclly challenged individual, I say to you... "well done sir, oh yes, well done indeed".



From San Antonio TX comes one of the fastest climbers in any music scene....RELENT!  I am so excited for these guys that they signed on with Rockfest Records and are going to be hopefully blasting out great music for years to come.  Not only do they delve into the greatest music genre EVER, Rap-Core, they do it with such passion and an unapologetic spirit!  I might be a bit older than these guys, but their lyrics and mission makes us brothers!!  New music will be coming soon from them and you don't want to miss it.  I know I won't.  As far as "favorite song" goes, I haven't been able to decide since each one is a killer track.  I admit I gravitate to Think You Got it not only for the message it conveys but also for the band's explanation of the song. 
From their YouTube page:
"“Think You Got It” comes from a place of frustration with hypocrisy and manipulation within the church. Too often these days, preachers and pastors are telling half-truths and blatant lies just to keep church-goers happy and continuing to give their tithes and offerings. It’s time for hardcore Christians to stand up and speak the truth, no matter the cost. The day is coming when the wolves in sheep’s clothing will be unmasked".
Amen brothers!  Rock on!

Rusty Shipp.jpg

Not only a great band name, but the dude's name is Russ T Shipp!  This Nashville based band touts itself as a "nautical rock-n-roll band".  Full disclosure, I had no idea that Nashville was a port city but hey, a geography major I am not.  Their blend of hard rock tones mixed with a surf rock feel, well, it just feels right.  We absolutely LOVE their heart for the Kingdom and the message they throw out there.  If you want to take a pleasure cruise, then all aboard and ahoy Mate.  You will dig this!

SeventhDaySlumber live.jpg

Seventh Day Slumber

Not sure I can describe these guys better than this... They are BEASTS!  Joseph and the boys constantly bring the fire with them and I love their passion and what they stand for.  They never apologize for their love of Christ and are unrelenting on their mission.  I follow them faithfully on all social platforms and you should too!  It doesn't matter if you are listening to one of their rock albums or their unbelievable Praise and Worship albums you will be moved.  Love you guys!



Another band coming out of Tennessee!  They sure know music don't they?  I have been listening to Spoken for so many years and hopefully will continue to do so for many more to come.  From 1996 on this band has seen a lot of personnel changes but one thing remains constant.  Matt Baird.  He is the epitome of a long standing rocker!  I had the pleasure of meeting Matt and interviewing him in 2001 and it is still one of my favorite interviews.  His humbleness and passion for his ministry takes center stage no matter if he is playing to dozens, hundreds, thousands, or playing a livestream acoustic set.  He is another one that keeps putting out great music year after year.  Here's to you Matt and many more to come
God Bless ya brother!

the midnight wedding_edited.jpg

The Midnight Wedding has such a great sound that I can't get enough of it.  They continually come up with such killer tracks.  I love following their socials because they always put out such positive Kingdom minded messages it makes the hardest heart a reason to show some compassion.  Not just a great rock band, but a great rock band with a purpose.  Once you hear the vocals, you will be hooked!

the protest 2.jpg

The Protest

True Road Warriors is probably the best way to describe these guys and now that we are opening up more venues, they will definitely earn that name again!  According to lead singer Josh Bramlett, "They are “four dudes who have a positive message”... well, in my opinion, they are a lot more than that.  If they are anywhere close to you on tour, (like within 500 miles) go and check them out.  You will not be disappointed.  On a cool side note.  Their second business Quiet Strength Design, are the ones that designed our logo, so big THANKS!


Fun band?  Check.  Godly mission?  Check.  Great music?  Triple check!  I came across this band a while ago and positively love them!  Check out their FB page and videos and you will love them also!

Trampoline's FB page
wage war 2.jpg

Wage War

Coming out of Ocala Florida you would think that these guys don't want to get out an tour up north during the winter months.  Well you would be wrong.  They love to get out and play.  When Blueprints came out I figured it would be a tough act to follow, well they came out with Pressure and not only matured with that album but produced a kickin' album.  These guys are a "must see" if you are fortunate enough that they hit your town.


Wolves at the Gate

I'm not sure how often this happens, but how can a band put out a better album than their last consistently and constantly?  That is bit of a rhetorical question, because these guys do it and do it with ease.  This is one of the very few bands that when I am listening to them, I never.....yes never, hit the "skip track" button.  I don't know of a single song that I don't dig of these guys.  They hold probably 3 spots in my favorite top ten songs of all time!  I will never get tired of the message that these guys put out on every album.  If you can only have one band to listen to for the rest of your life...make it Wolves at the Gate!
Love ya brothers!

zahna 7.jfif


Born in Monterrey Mexico but now based out of San Antonio TX, (Texas sure is a hotbed of great bands ) comes Zahna!  Her powerful vocals, incredible lyrics, meshed with the aggressive industrial style guitar riffs gives Zahna a sound all of her own and believe me, it's a sound that you will love!  Formally the lead singer (and lyricist) for Ilia, Zahna (also know as Suzy Martinez who has leant her voice to many different bands)  jumped out on her own in 2017 and made a huge splash.  There is nowhere but up for this incredible artist.  Even though it is tough to "Genre-ize"  (my word) her, since her style is so unique, she falls into MY favorite type of music - Core (feel free to put anything in front of "Core", i.e. Hard, Chick, Beauty, whatever)

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