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Adelaide - What Really Matters - Album review

January 22, 2020


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What Really Matters

Adelaide  - What Really Matters

Conflict ensues

I am so late with this review with a reason that possibly will sound like an excuse.  I have made many attempts to write a review on Adelaide’s album What Really Matters, and I always end up putting it on the back burner just to edit it later.  It’s not that I don’t care for the album, it actually is the exact opposite of that.  I have found that my many attempts to write a decent review (which this probably isn’t it either) of this album has come across as too gushy (a real word),flowery, and way too biased.  Adelaide and their music challenges my sensibilities  and makes me question whether I am really a person that digs on the heavier genres of music (plus CHH) or am I gravitating to something “softer”.  I can say with resounding confidence that I still dig on the heavier side, but I think that’s what makes Adelaide’s music so spiritually intoxicating for me.  Adelaide has the ability to bridge the gap between what I love in music and what music is out there that I might be missing out on.  Adelaide originally reached out to Radio 13 and asked if we have any Adelaide in our library.  Well, that answer was a quick, “no”, but we said that we would check it out.  I listened to a few tracks and found some that were not CCM-esque cuts.  She has some solid rock songs and a great collab with Tony Jones on a great hip hop song called Echoes off of the Strong and Brave album. So after diving into her music I found myself actually digging on it…HARD!  Needless to say, when her new album, What Really Matters was slated to come out the first of the year, ( I told you I was late) we were extremely pumped.

The review - 

What Really Matters is an album that from start to finish puts the listener into a place of peace for the entire run of the album.  I have tried to shorten this and not go into a lot of detail of every track, but as you will read, I failed a bit on some of the tracks.

 Undefeated sets the table nicely with an almost bluesy vibe that hits on a killer message.  As you progress your way down the 8 tracks (we really needed more, but that’s selfish of us) you find that Adelaide’s heart for The Kingdom is on display in full force.  Fading away continues with that same vibe both musically and lyrically and then Adelaide comes with You Are the Cure which is a tremendous song of hope and not giving up.  

Next up?  The title track What Really Matters.  If I was ever to go back to college and get a Masters Degree, I would write my dissertation on this song and you would be calling me Dr. Drew… (no, not that one)  WRM became one of my ALL TIME favorite songs almost from the moment I heard it.  It’s a song of encouragement, hope, understanding, failing, dusting yourself off, and moving on to build an unmatched testimony.  It dives deep and gives us an instruction sheet on how to deal with serious issues we all face.  When she sings, “I pray you find you will find peace”, her passion and delivery makes the listener feel that she is actually praying for you at that very moment.  How can we make it through some of the trials and tribulations that people face on a daily basis?  “One breath, one step at time” she tells us because you are building your testimony for His glory.  On a personal note, this song has brought me back from the brink of many battles when I thought about giving up but didn’t.  It’s hard for me to hear this song without chills, tears, or the desire to put my hands to the heavens and just praise God.  “Is that so bad” you ask?  Well it is if you’re cruising down the road on a motorcycle that you may or may not be doing the actual speed limit.  Full disclosure - this song is programmed on my phone for my alarm.  So many metal songs to choose from, and I chose What Really Matters. Can you feel my conflict?

The album continues with a great praise and worship song in the form of You Rescue Me and then the track I Will Follow follows (redundancy intended) with a different feel to it musically.  It has a great beat to it that if you don’t at least tap your foot, you may have weak foot muscles and may want to see a doctor.  If it wasn’t for What Really Matters, ``At the Feet of Jesus” would probably be my favorite track on this album, but every song comes within a hair of “being my favorite.  And if you have seen my hairline, you know that the margin of victory is very slim indeed.  How do you wrap up an album like this?  Well, you go ahead and drop a track like “I Call Your Name”.  A song that again, gives us a guidebook on how to get through the battles.  Just call on the name of Jesus and he will always hear us.  Adelaide even gives you multiple names to call upon His name so it’s almost like a multiple choice, but no matter what you call him, there is power in his name to defeat every enemy that comes in your path, so rejoice!

Conclusion - conflict resolved?

As you can tell by this review, Adelaide's `` What Really Matters” album hits a certain chord in me.  (almost fan-boyish) This song, this album has brought me out of dark times and I still listen to it often. (right now in fact). After listening to this album so many times the past few months, I am 100% okay with the fact that an old metal head like myself can love on an album with absolutely no screaming.  As Christians, we are all in this together and our mission, no matter the genres, is simply to edify and multiply The Kingdom.  That is What Really Matters, right?

Do yourself a huge favor and go and download this album and put it in your regular rotation and be blessed.  If you can afford to, go ahead and buy the album just to support this amazing artist.  We can’t wait to see Adelaide on tour this summer

God Bless


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