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Fearless - Song review

Jodi Essex

The latest offering from Chicago based “chick-rocker” Jodi Essex is an epic warrior themed track called Fearless. This comes on the heels of two previously powerful released singles Offend and Unravel. Teaming up with one of the best up and coming producers, Josiah Prince, Fearless has what seems to be unlimited layers of musical complexity that gives this track both depth and at times, a very cinematic feel. Bringing in Josiah with his rock/ metal background, and being willing to be flexible and open to his suggestions, Jodi’s vision for Fearless being a strong rock anthem is realized in full.

Starting the song with a canticle-like intro may seem like a risk that she didn’t have to take, but pays dividends as it expands the fullness of the track and transitions nicely into a solid rock song. With lyrics like “Maybe you were born bold; Maybe you were made bold: ignore what you’ve been told- Take my hand we’re movin on” this song is a reminder that no matter where you are currently in your walk, you're never too far down to trust in God and be Fearless. While I really dig on the flow of the track, Jodi’s impressive vocal range, the change in tempos, and Josiah’s talented work on guitar, it’s the lyrics and the message that brings everything together to create the complete listening experience.

2 Timothy 1:7 - “For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.”

Fearless will be available on all streaming services and wherever you download music on 6/24/22. Do yourself (and Jodi) a favor and don’t settle for just streaming it, if you can afford it, purchase this track and get it in your music library

The entire Fearless EP will be released 7/8 and it is going to be KILLER!

Be blessed and remember - Jesus is still on the throne!

Drew - Radio13.FM

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