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From San Antonio TX comes one of the fastest climbers in any music scene....RELENT!  I am so excited for these guys that they signed on with Rockfest Records and are going to be hopefully blasting out great music for years to come.  Not only do they delve into the greatest music genre EVER, Rap-Core, they do it with such passion and an unapologetic spirit!  I might be a bit older than these guys, but their lyrics and mission makes us brothers!!  New music will be coming soon from them and you don't want to miss it.  I know I won't.  As far as "favorite song" goes, I haven't been able to decide since each one is a killer track.  I admit I gravitate to Think You Got it not only for the message it conveys but also for the band's explanation of the song. 

From their YouTube page:

"“Think You Got It” comes from a place of frustration with hypocrisy and manipulation within the church. Too often these days, preachers and pastors are telling half-truths and blatant lies just to keep church-goers happy and continuing to give their tithes and offerings. It’s time for hardcore Christians to stand up and speak the truth, no matter the cost. The day is coming when the wolves in sheep’s clothing will be unmasked".

Amen brothers!  Rock on!

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