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Born in Monterrey Mexico but now based out of San Antonio TX, (Texas sure is a hotbed of great bands ) comes Zahna!  Her powerful vocals, incredible lyrics, meshed with the aggressive industrial style guitar riffs gives Zahna a sound all of her own and believe me, it's a sound that you will love!  Formally the lead singer (and lyricist) for Ilia, Zahna (also know as Suzy Martinez who has leant her voice to many different bands)  jumped out on her own in 2017 and made a huge splash.  There is nowhere but up for this incredible artist.  Even though it is tough to "Genre-ize"  (my word) her, since her style is so unique, she falls into MY favorite type of music - Core (feel free to put anything in front of "Core", i.e. Hard, Chick, Beauty, whatever)

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