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What good comes out of Abilene Texas?  Well I would imagine a lot of good things but one of the best would be Ian Barnett better know as his artist name ASAP Preach.  This man is so incredibly talented and if you are looking for an artist that doesn't "walk that line" between the world and God, this is the one.  Unapologetic, unashamed and boldly walking the road that should be a shining example to all of us with our walk with the Creator.  My favorite artists are the ones that take out any question on the whole "are they a Christian artist".  Spend 37 seconds listening to any one of his songs and the answer is an unequivocally YES!  I can listen to his entire library and start it over again just because I dig on him that much.
I am thinking this man of God will continue his fight to build The Kingdom one lost soul at a time.

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