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 We will be going live often and will let everyone know when we do either through our website or Facebook.  

Let us know what you want to hear and we will try and kick it out to you!

On your mobile device: download the LIVE365 app from your app store and search for Radio13.FM.

Save it as a favorite, and it will always be on your homepage of the app whenever your open it.

The Blocks

6 AM - 8 AM CST

The Morning Rush

These artists will get you pumped for the day

9 AM - 10 AM CST

Metal in the Morning

What's better than Metal in the Morning?


11 AM - 1 PM CST

New-ish at Noon

(almost noon and mostly new music)

1 PM - 3PM  CST

The Jules Block

CCM-esque tracks

(because we don't play CCM)

4 PM - 5PM  CST


(no need to say "Christian" because that's the only music we play!)

6 PM - 7 PM  CST

Afternoon Cruise

Time to kick it and relax - you've earned it!

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Just a few bands that we really dig!  We will constantly be updating this page  with more of your (and our) favorites


We love playing all types of music (except for country...sorry) 

At Radio13.FM we don't just focus on national acts, we love hearing the regional bands and Indie Bands.  There are so many great bands that have awesome ministries and we want to help promote them.  If you are an Indie band and looking for some airtime, get ahold of us so we can help you out! We don't even ask for free music - Let us know where we can find you!